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What Is Backloading And Why Is It Cheaper?

You’ve heard a removalist company mention backloading and how it can save you money when moving, but what exactly is backloading and why is it cheaper?

Backloading is a term you will probably come across when looking for removalists, but people are often confused as to what it is and sceptical because of its cheaper cost. Backloading is simply when a removalist company fills a truck that is heading back from a job. So instead of sending an empty truck from Sydney to Melbourne, the removalist company will fill it with another move.

The advantage of backloading is that because you only pay for the space your items take up, you will save money compared to a full-service offering. Additionally, companies would prefer the truck to have something in it rather than nothing, resulting in great discounts for the customer. Trips can also generally be arranged with shorter notice than a full service offering as the truck is already in that location.

The disadvantages of backloading is that it can be less flexible and take longer. Because you’re sharing the truck with other movers, you won’t get to dictate the exact time the truck will pick-up and drop off your items. Additionally, trucks are more likely to run behind schedule as you are relying on other people to be prompt and fill up the truck with their items by a certain point. Backloading services also won’t appeal to movers who want help packing or don’t want to share a truck with others, so a full-service offering may be the way to go.

Backloading can be a brilliant way to save money while moving, while it isn’t for everyone, it may be the best option for your next move.

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