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How To Move House During Winter

Winter is fast approaching and with it comes the rain and colder days. Winter can be the perfect time to move house but with it comes challenges that need to be planned for in advance. Read our top tips on how to move house successfully during winter.

Consider your choice of box

Cardboard boxes are the norm for moving house. They are easy to stack, pack, dismantle and dispose of once the move is over. But, cardboard boxes have one big weakness. When it rains they get wet and as such they lose their shape and the ability to store your items safely. To overcome this issue, if you are planning to move during winter, when rainfall is higher, check to make sure you are moving on a dry day. If you are locked into a day and the forecast is indicating rain, consider using plastic tubs to protect your items and when cardboard boxes are needed, ensure they are kept as dry as possible.

Move safely

When moving it’s always a good idea to protect your floors from being damaged. Often plastic sheets are a great option as they are readily available, easy to clean and dispose of. In winter however, it may be a good idea to use another form of protection such as old sheets. Plastic can become a hazard in wet conditions, where falls and slips become more likely so a material would be a more suitable and safe option.

Wear appropriate clothing

Ensure you are wearing comfortable clothes that will allow you to move unrestricted throughout the day.  Layers will be the most sensible option as you may get warm moving furniture but need an extra layer once you’re outside. People often forget to leave a moving outfit out when packing up their clothes, so make sure you plan your outfit in advance and keep it seperate. Don’t forget about your footwear too! Choose a pair of comfy, non-slip footwear that will keep your feet dry, warm and safe.

While moving during winter may have it’s setbacks, it is often one of the quieter moving months resulting in lower moving costs and great availability with removalist companies.

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How to Pack a Bathroom

How To Pack A Bathroom

While the bathroom is generally the smallest room in the house, it can contain a whole lot of products, products that aren’t easily packed. It’s important to also consider what you may need to keep while moving and what can be packed up early. Additionally moving is the perfect time to throw out any unused, old and expired products so start the process early to give yourself plenty of time. Furthermore, moving can be expensive so it may be worth cutting down the amount of boxes you use by throwing out inexpensive items that take up valuable space.

Organise your products into three piles.

Start by going through all your products splitting them into three piles; throw, pack and keep out.

The throw pile will include anything that is no longer necessary. Throw out anything that is expired, empty or hasn’t and probably won’t be used.

Pack includes any items that you are intending to keep and don’t need between packing day and moving day. Consider throwing out any products that haven’t been used in a while plus any old duplicates.

Keep out is the last pile and will include any items you require leading up to the move. Keep a wash bag handy so you can pack up the final few items on moving day and place them straight into your new bathroom.

Consider donating unopened items.

How many mascara tubes have you been gifted in showbags and just never used? If products are still sealed or in their original packaging, consider donating the items to a charity so someone else can use them. Research charities in your area that take unused toiletries and cosmetics and check if your items are eligible.

Pack your items correctly.

The bathroom can be tricky to pack. In particular, pay close attention to items that can leak or spill onto your other products.

Start by checking all lids and seals on bottles, ensuring they close and remain closed to prevent spills. Consider taping closed any risky bottles or place them in a ziplock bag separately before boxing them up.

Use small boxes when moving bathroom items. Often products are small and by using the wrong sized box it will end up with a disorganised and messy. Ideally group products so when it comes to unpacking it will be an easier process. If there is room at the top of the box, pack a towel or two to protect the products and ensure they don’t fly around during the move.

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