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Five Tips To Help You With Your Summer Move

Summer is fast approaching, with just over a month to go it’s an ideal time to consider if moving during summer is right for you. Summer provides more consistent weather, slower business period and the kids are out of school. Though there are some great benefits to moving during summer there are some drawbacks to be aware of. Here are 5 tips to help you with your summer move.

Plan early

Ensure you leave plenty of time to research removalists, declutter the house and begin to pack. Moving day can come around quickly and if you’re not organised it can lead to a very stressful move. Additionally, as summer is such an appealing time to move removalists fill up quickly so ensure you are looking at booking removalists in advance. It’s also a good idea to ensure you don’t move on or near any holidays and provide yourself with enough time to have the house organised for those big events.

Consider heat sensitive items

When packing consider items, which can become damaged with hot temperatures. CDs, electronics, food and candles for example are best to be moved quickly and in suitable carriers. Ensure that once these items have been delivered that they are placed in a cool location until they can be sorted and not left out in the heat for extended periods of time.

Consider sun protection, clothing and hydration

Moving in summer means better weather but also extreme heat and sun. Ensure you have light, breathable and loose-fitting clothing on as it will allow faster evaporation and keep you drier during the move. Sunscreen and plenty of water is a must to avoid overheating and burning.  Take regular breaks in a cool place and reapply sunscreen throughout the day. Cold hand towels can be an amazing way to cool off, simply fill a cooler with ice and place several damp washcloths inside.

Ensure your utilities are turned on before moving

If you’re moving during the hot summer months, having air conditioning or fans operating before you move will allow the new house to cool down resulting in removalists and yourself being much more comfortable while moving. This can keep you focused on what needs to be done, protect your removalists from overheating and ensure those heat sensitive items can be cooled down ASAP.

Get started early

Try to avoid moving during the afternoon when the heat peaks and the sun is at it’s strongest. Between the hours of 11am to 3pm the sun’s UV is at it’s strongest so if you can avoid these hours or at least have the majority of your move completed. Ideally aim for an early morning move which will result in a much cooler, calmer and more comfortable day.

Quick and Easy are here to ensure your moving day is stress-free. Call us at 1300 883 117 today to book your summer move before spaces fill up!

When is the best time for you to move office?

There will never be the perfect time for your business to move office. You can however choose a time that will affect your business and clients the least and ensure you are organised come moving day. Here are our top tips to ensure your office moves smoothly.

Create a moving plan

Ensure you start to create a moving plan as soon as possible. Include things like a budget and what moving dates would work best for your business. Highlight the busy periods your business goes through and work around those dates. For example your business may be extra busy during March and April. Avoid these months and ensure you provide enough time for everything to be set up if you choose to move just before those dates.

Setting a budget allows your business to understand exactly how much you’re willing to spend on moving. Creating a budget will give you an idea on what help you can hire and what has to be done by yourself and your employees. Once your budget has been set and you understand what will be delegated to your employees and professional removalists, you can begin to create a checklist of what each employee needs to do. Be as specific as possible to minimise misunderstandings. An example could be; each employee must pack up 0their desk into boxes, label and place in the meeting room before they leave on Friday.

Ensure your new office is ready before moving in

Before you move your whole office into your new location, spend some time ensuring the new office will be ready for moving day. Internet and phone services are examples of infrastructure that should be set up before moving in, as well as any new furniture and a good cleaning job of the whole office. Lastly make sure your insurance covers you for the move and starts at the new office as soon as you’re moved in.

Update your address

Let any clients, deliveries and visitors know you have moved and what your new address is. Redirect any mail that may come to your previous address after moving day and update any subscriptions, banks and services of your new address.

Let your employees know what they can bring with them to the new office.

Your business may be moving into an office which has smaller desks and storage space. Let you employees know exactly how much space they will have in the new office so they can decide what they want to bring with them. Other factors such as natural light and wall space will also impact employee’s plants, photos and other items, which may not work in the new office. Ensure each employee knows where they will be stationed so come the next business day they know where they are supposed to be.

Decide on what day you would like to move

If your business decides to move with the help of professional movers, decide on which day is best for your business to move. Moving on a weekday will be cheaper but will affect your business and workload more than moving on a weekend. Decide if you want to spend more money for a more convenient move or sacrifice one work day for cheaper removal costs.

Once you have decided when you would like to move office, give us a call! We can help your office move quickly, easily and stress free.


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