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How To Pack Fragile Items And Ensure They Don’t Break When Moving

Packing is a long tedious process. Sometimes we rush the job and end up stuffing boxes full of anything we can find and hope for the best. When it comes to your fragile items, packing carefully will save your precious items from damages mid move. Avoid breaking your precious items with these easy tips.

More is sometimes better

We often have the urge to completely fill every box but when it comes to fragile items more boxes with less stuff is better. Consider ordering a few extra boxes so your fragile items can be packed carefully and bulging cardboard boxes can be avoided.

Boxes do have a shelf life

Did you keep the boxes from your previous move in the hope to use them when you next move?Don’t. Boxes do have a shelf life, with old boxes being weaker and less protective to the items inside. If you insist on using some of your old boxes use it for soft, light items such as pillows or soft toys. Do your china plates a favour and purchase new boxes so they stay protective throughout the move.

Triple protection

For very fragile items consider using the triple protection method. Begin with a blanket at the bottom, which will protect the bottom items when being placed down. Wrap each item separately in bubble wrap or double layers of packing paper. Lastly finish with a pillow at the topto ensure the items don’t fly around the box when being moved. Fragile boxes should be placed at the top to prevent heavier boxes crushing those fragile items.

Correct labeling is important

Ensure boxes are listed as fragile on the outside. This will allow the removalists to know which boxes needed a softer touch. This should be listed on all sides plus the top of each box.

How to pack the most common fragile household items

  • Plates – pack vertically with bubble wrap in between each layer. Don’t overfill the box but ensurethe plates are not going to move around.
  • Pictures/Frames – for small images pack like plates, vertically with protection between each frame. For larger frames, moving blankets should be secured over the frame along with a plasticwrap.
  • Glasses – each glass should be wrapped individually with packing paper crumpled inside each glass. Place the heaviest glasses at the bottom, ensuring there is adequate protection between each layer plus all sides of the box (including top and bottom).

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