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Struggling to fit your furniture through the doorways?

Follow these steps


Preparation is key to avoid any nasty surprises come moving day. It may sound like a simple thing, but majority of movers skip this step and end up paying for it. Any furniture that is large should be measured. This will allow you to plan ahead and ensure you have the man power it will take to get the furniture out. Three main measurements should be taken including:

  • Height: measure from the floor until the highest point. This includes any legs or feet.
  • Width: measure the widest point
  • Depth: for a couch this would involves measuring from the front to the back of the couch

Measure your space

Once you know the dimensions of your furniture it is time to measure the area you are transporting them through. This may include door frames, hallways, stairwells and other small spaces. Measuring is fairly straight forward with the height and width recorded.

Try different angles

If you have begun to move your furniture and find it is not fitting through door frames, try moving the piece of furniture differently. This could mean angling or standing it on it’s back or side. Couches for example can be stood up on one side, placed on a piece of cardboard and either pushed or pulled through the door frame.

Take it apart

If your furniture is a flat pack brand, consider dismantling it before moving it. This will not only make it easier to carry out of your home, but it will also save you space in the van. Other things to consider are removing legs and feet off couches. Those few centimetres can be all is needed to allow your couch to move through a door-way.

Remove the door

If you are still struggling to fit your furniture through a door-way, consider taking the door off completely. This can easily be done by removing the door from it’s hinges and then placing it back once the move is over. Additionally, if you are really stuck, the doorframe can be removed. This needs to be thought through carefully and done only when you know what you are doing to avoid damage.

Call in the professionals

Sometimes you just need that extra hand from the experienced removalists. Removalists have many years of experience manoeuvring furniture through awkward situations. We have the machinery and man-power needed for those tricky moves. Hoisting through a balcony or window could be a solution to your sticky situation but should only be undertaken by a professional.

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