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Essential Steps for Moving Items into Storage

6-8 weeks before moving day

Choose the right storage facility.

Begin searching for the perfect storage unit a few months before moving day. Storage facilities should have good security and be easily accessible. The perfect location will depend on how often you will be visiting the storage unit. If frequent visits are necessary, consider a storage facility closer to home. If location isn’t a factor look at storage facilities further out of the city for better rates.

Confirm storage items.

Make a list of every item being transported to storage. Also note if it is fragile, storage requirements and estimated value. When making this list ensure all items are allowed to be stored at the facility as some items can’t be stored.

Organise removalists.

If you decide to use removalists, research and book early. Consider choosing a removalist company that also offers storage for a simple, quicker process. Quick and Easy offers 24/7 access storage facilities in a secure warehouse. To learn more visit

If you decide to move your items yourself consider if you need an extra set of hands and ask for help early.

2-4 weeks prior to moving day

Begin to pack all your items. Ensure fragile items are packed carefully and electronics have their batteries removed and placed back in it’s original box for protection. To make set-up easier consider keeping the cords together with your electronic device. Start to deconstruct any unused furniture and disconnect, drain and clean whitegoods so they don’t produce mould.

Moving Day

Pack items strategically. Place items into clear tubs instead of boxes ensuring each tub is clearly labelled. Consider the storage space and pack strategically to save space. Simple things like placing any mattresses on their side and stacking boxes vertically (with the heaviest boxes on the bottom) will save you space and ultimately money. Consider protecting items with plastic sheets and don’t forget to lock your storage unit with a good quality lock.

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