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How to move your plants safely

Plants are as fragile as antiques and moving them incorrectly can cause them to become damaged. But plants are also part of the family, they brighten your house and make it more welcoming. It’s important though to consider which plants you will take, and which ones will be safer to be left behind.

Consider prepping your plants before the move

When preparing your plants for moving day consider giving them a prune, removing any dead leaves, pests and weeds. Consider re-potting plants into lighter plastic pots so they are easier to carry.

Research before moving

If you’re moving interstate or overseas check that your plants will be allowed. Sometimes other states and countries will not allow certain species, so always be sure to check before bringing them in. Also check that the removalist company you have chosen allows plants in their trucks. Many companies do not transport plants due to their delicate nature. If this is the case, consider shipping the plant or bringing it in your car with you. Additionally, consider the possibility of leaving your plant behind. Sometimes it can be cheaper and easier to start fresh in your new home.

Move them yourself

If you don’t want to rely on the moving company or shipping them separately isn’t an option, consider moving your plants yourself. Plants are relatively easy to move, as long as you’re prepared, and you treat them like you would a pet, with care. Simply place your pot into some sturdy boxes, stuffing the empty space with paper or bubble wrap. If you’re traveling long distance and spending the night on the road, ensure you bring your plants inside especially in hot or cold temperatures as this can damage fragile plants. Taller plants can be placed on the floor while smaller ones can be placed on the back seat. Ensure you check on them regularly to minimise damage.

How to move outside plants

Outdoor plants can be shipped or transported with you if they are small. If moving an outdoor plant is not an option, consider taking some clippings, so you can plant them in your new garden. Simply place the cutting into some water to ensure it survives the move.

Caring for your plants post move

Moving can be stressful on plants so ensure you are giving them the best start possible in your new house. If you relocated the plants to plastic pots, leave them for at least a week so it can be used to it’s new environment before re-potting. If you’re re-planting outside consider the difference in soils, sunlight and temperature. When you have placed your plant into it’s new environment ensure you give it plenty of water and plant food.

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