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How to Downsize

Downsizing will happen to most people at least once in their life. Whether it is because you no longer need the extra rooms, or you can no longer afford your current house. Downsizing can be stressful, emotional and time consuming but with our tips you can avoid the stress and make downsizing an enjoyable and easy process.

Enter the right mind-set

Don’t feel sad about downsizing. Instead focus on the positives; decreased maintenance costs and bills, easier upkeep and simplified living are all benefits of having a smaller home. Perhaps you are moving closer to the city, which will provide more transport options thus reducing your petrol costs. Or maybe you are downsizing for financial reasons, having lower bills, rent or mortgage will reduce those financial pressures and you can concentrate on enjoying your life instead. Always look at the positives in this situation and moving will be far easier.

Take inventory of your stuff

Make a list of all your belongings so you can decide what to keep, donate, throw out or sell.  Take it one room at a time and spread it out over a number of days. Ideally start this process nice and early so you have plenty of time to get rid of the items you don’t need.

Minimise unnecessary and duplicate items

Go through your items and ensure you don’t have duplicates. The kitchen is a hotbed for duplicate items. No one needs more than one bottle opener or spatula. Additionally, throw out any items which you have a spare, just in case twin. Do you really need two cardigans, exactly the same colour and design?  Keeping these “just in case” items takes up precious room you will not have in your new house.

Find a purpose

When moving into a smaller place, every corner, wall and inch of floor is valuable. That corner in your living room could be a home office or that cupboard under the stairs could be the perfect storage room. Additionally, find purpose for the items you are bringing into your new house and ensure everything you are packing is necessary.

Keep the clutter out

Ensuring you move into your new place with minimal items is good but so is ensuring it does not become cluttered in the future. Set yourself some rules whether that is one in one out or perhaps choosing high quality items which you buy less frequently. Additionally, smart storage solutions and furniture will allow your house to look less cluttered. Mount your TV on the wall and use a wireless printer are all ways for your house to look less cluttered.

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