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How to organise your house like Marie Kondo

Who is Marie Kondo you ask? From the tender age of 5, Marie Kondo has found a passion in organising mess. Born and raised in Tokyo, Kondo owns a business, which helps others transform their homes and lives by tidying the right way through her KonMari Method. Her unusual tidying techniques has scored her a Netflix show and viewers are slowly decluttering their homes because of it. Here is how you can use the KonMari Method to transform your home.

Step 1.

Visualise the kind of life you want in the coming year. Kondo says having a clear vision and goal will motivate you throughout the KonMari Method and guide you to the right ending.

Step 2.

Start with clothing. Kondo suggests bringing all your clothes into the one space in the same pile. Kondo’s unique method involves handling each item one by one and determining if that item brings you joy. Kondo explains that instead of focusing on throwing things away, we should be looking for items that we cherish and love. So, hold each piece individually and ask yourself “does this spark joy?” if it does it stays and if not, the item is discarded.

Step 3.

Tidy by category, not location. Kondo splits the house into 5 categories. Clothes, books, papers, Komono (miscellaneous) and sentimental items.  Kondo explains that many items that belong to the same category are placed in multiple locations. Tidying by category allows you to view all the items from that category at the same time and takes away any confusion multiple locations may have. Ensure everything that is going to be discarded is done so before placing items back.

Step 4.

Tidy all at once not small steps. By tidying the whole house in the same period, it ensures you don’t fall back to your old cluttering habits. She says tidying your house should be a special occasion not a daily chore. Allocating 6 months to organising your whole house is a good guideline.

Step 5.

Thank your discarded items. Kondo says it’s important to thank each item you discarded. Take a moment to thank the item for everything it has provided you with and discard it gently to show that thankfulness.

An organised home will make your life feel less cluttered, disorganised and stressed. When it comes time to move to a new house there is a huge advantage to having an organised, clutter free house. You will have less stuff to move and items will already be organised into categories making for a lot smoother moving experience.

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