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How to survive moving interstate with kids

Moving Interstate With Kids


Once your new city has been confirmed, start to research possible areas that you could see your family living. Ideally visit your new city so you can decide where you would like to live. Spend time getting to know the area, both during the day and night to see if you and your family will be happy living there. Are there schools in the area? Do you need easy access to public transport? Can you afford to live in that area? Spend time looking online, how do the locals feel about the area? The more research you do the better it will be in the long run for everyone.

Think about childcare and schools

Moving can be a stressful time for everyone especially kids having to start a new school.

Once you have an idea of which schools you would like you kids to attend, get their name down. When the new school has been approved, plan to make a visit with your kids so they can get to know their new teachers and class. Doing this will help your child settle in when the time comes to move plus reduce any anxiety they may be feeling about starting at a new school. Additionally, think about the best time of year to move with your kids. Moving at the end of a school year will be much easier and minimise impact to their learning. If it is not possible to move at the end of the school year perhaps thin about the possibility of commuting for the first few months until the right times approaches. Moving with younger children (less than 5 years) will be easier and requires less planning as to the perfect time to move.

Speak to your kids often about the move

Kids will be easily stressed about moving home. They are leaving their home, friends and school behind and that can be scary. Taking them to see the new house, their bedroom and school will help them. Remind them they are taking everything with them and that they will make new friends. To reduce stress and create excitement about moving, perhaps help them to choose some new bedding for their new room or allow them to choose a new paint colour.

Pack some favourite items if you’re are moving into temporary housing

Sometimes it will be necessary to move into a serviced apartment or other temporary housing before moving into your new home. Pack a few key items with you instead of sending them all via removalists as it will make the temporary living arrangements more comforting for your child. Toys, favourite bedding and wall art are all great examples.

Make this change a fun one

A number of things will make the move as enjoyable as possible for the whole family. Some of these include:

  • Once you have arrived at your new house, get to know the area with your kids.
  • Go on family outings to the many new exciting places present in your new city.
  • Schedule playdates with other kids in their class.
  • Make friends with other local mums/dads/families
  • Join a local Facebook community/group
  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Set up your kids room ASAP so they can feel at home quicker
  • Remind your kids that you’re there for them no matter what they need
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