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How to safely move house with pets

Moving can be a stressful time for the whole family, pets included. Animals are extremely territorial so when you decide to move out of your current house and into a completely new environment, it can bring out anxiety in even the calmest of pets. Here is our list for how to move with your pets, to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Maintain their normal routine prior to moving.

Continue to feed and walk your pet at similar times and comfort them with some treats. Dogs and cats respond best when they are with their owners, so keep them around before, during and after moving day.

Before moving house ensure the new house is pet friendly.

Spend some time walking around the house to ensure that it is a safe environment for your pet. Ensuring the house is secure both inside and outside to prevent your pet from escaping and potentially getting lost or hurt.

When it comes to moving day ensure you pet is placed in a calm environment.

If removalists are coming and going, it may be best to place your pet in a closed room. This will allow them space to remain calm plus ensuring no one trips over them while moving out the houses’ contents. Alternatively provide your pet with a carrier or crate that includes their toys and familiar bedding, where they can go to get away from all the action.

Take it slow when introducing them to their new environment.

Cats often respond best when introduced slowly to their new surroundings. Introduce a new room every few days and try hiding dry food around the house to encourage them to explore more. If your cat is an outdoor cat, introduce outside very slowly to reduce the risk of them getting lost or running away.

Keep dogs to their usual routine and ensure rules surrounding their sleeping and eating are introduced early. Take some time in the following week to introduce them to their new neighbourhoods and visit some of their favourite places.

Most importantly be sure to update your pet’s council registration and microchip, so your pet can be returned to you safely if they do get lost.

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