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How to Move House Stress Free

Moving house should be an exciting and fun event.  However that is not usually the case.  Most people find moving house very stressful.  However there are ways that the stress caused by moving can be diminished.  In this article we provide the 5 most important ways that you can make your house move as stress free as possible.

Plan Ahead, Be Organised

If you plan ahead for your move you can significantly reduce the anxiety that a home move can create.  A smooth and easy move is always much, much less stressful than a prolonged and difficult move.

We suggest you write a list of all tasks that have to be undertaken and put a date aside each task.  To help you get started you might want to look at our Moving Checklist.

Hire a Reliable and Trustworthy Furniture Removal Business

We recommend that you obtain a quote from several removal businesses – but also thoroughly research the removal businesses that you think would be best.

You should examine their website to read reviews that past customers have written.  You should too examine the services that they provide such as cleaning and packing.

Importantly you need to check if they are a reputable business or do they sub-contract out moving jobs to other individuals?

Imagine ‘What If’ Scenarios

In planning for your move it’s important that you think through different ‘what if’ scenarios so that you are prepared for any difficulties that may occur during your move.  For example have you chosen a furniture removal business that you are confident will arrive on moving day.  If you are not, what plans can you put in place should this occur …

Another scenario you should consider is what happens if it rains?  Will your removalists be prepared for this bringing with them sheets of plastic within which to wrap your furniture and household items?

You should also take into account a scenario such as what if the person who is going to be looking after your children on moving day becomes sick?  Can you organise someone else at the last minute, or put someone else on standby should this occur…

De-Clutter your Home

It does not make logical sense for people to pack, move and unpack goods that they then throw out once you have moved.

We recommend that you hire a skip and as you pack throw away those items that you no longer need or have no sentimental attachment.  All too often we move customers from A to B and then from B to C a few years later – and they have numerous boxes in their garage from the last move that they have never been unpacked!

It will save you time and money if you de-clutter your home – it will also give you the feeling of being in control which is often not felt during a move as so many external factors can impact upon your planned relocation.

Ask for Help

If for whatever reason you are on a really tight timetable for your move, then ask for help.  Feeling rushed and pressurised during a move can really increase your levels of stress.

You can ask neighbours, family or friends to help you.  They can help you pack, unpack or look after your children on moving day.

You might also want to consider hiring a furniture removal service that provides a pre-packing and unpacking service.  This service really reduces a very large proportion of both stress and time when moving home.

You may also want to consider hiring a furniture removal business that provides a cleaning service too.  Some removalists do offer this service (we do) and your old home plus your new home can be made spick and span for you.  This too will significantly reduce the stress and anxiety that goes with a home move.

How to Move House Stress Free with Quick & Easy Removalists Sydney

We can help reduce the stress of your house move.  Firstly we are reliable and professional and never let our customers down.  Secondly you can be assured with us that your possessions will be moved on schedule and intact.  Thirdly we have the resources in terms of skilled packers and efficient cleaners that can help you with your home move.

Not only can we do all of the above to help make your move as stress free as possible – but we also provide this five star service at a very competitive rate. See our online calculator for more info.

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