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Moving a Few Items

Easy Solution

The easy solution to moving just one or two bulky items is to engage Quick and Easy Removalists Sydney to help you.

From $25 per half hour for one man and a truck with Quick and Easy Removalists
Sydney. Use Quick and Easy Removalists Sydney to Grab a Bargain.

Do you want to buy some furniture or other large item on eBay, Gumtree etc but can’t because you don’t have a van or a Ute?  With Quick and Easy Removalists Sydney this is now something that you can do.  Quick and Easy Removalists Sydney can deliver your internet bargains at a low cost.

The price of furniture on Gumtree in particular is really low and there are great bargains to be obtained.  We believe the major reason people are able to get such fantastic furniture and large item buys is that most people don?t have the ability to pick-up the items.  Nor have not thought about or know about how quick, easy and affordable it can be to use our services to deliver the items to you.

If the item you purchased is local, the move could even be done in half an hour a total cost of $25 and you will have a professional mover to help you carry the item too.

If it takes a little longer, even for an hour the total cost is only $50 for the van and an experienced, strong and capable furniture removalist to help you load and unload the item.

Use Quick and Easy Removalists Sydney to Obtain a Great Sale Price

If you are selling bulky items on eBay, Gumtree or by other means, you can make your item much more attractive to buyers by offering them delivery.  You would need to build into the sale price the cost of hiring Quick and Easy Removalists Sydney to do the delivery for you.  Given the low cost of our service it should make your sale item really popular and appealing to a wider market.

You could also list your item for a fixed price for the customer to pick-up and a second price that includes the delivery fee.  Either way you will be increasing the number of people that are likely to want to buy your goods.  This could really help you get a better price using the auction method offered by eBay.

Giving Furniture/Bulky Goods Away?

Maybe your son/daughter is moving out of home and there are several items of furniture that they need to take with them.  Again Quick and Easy Removalists Sydney will provide this service for you at a very low rate.

It could also be that a friend has just had a baby and you have a nursery of goods that you want to give to her.  Instead of doing a number of trips and dismantling and reassembling items (such as the cot) why not instead save yourself a great deal of time and stress and let us move the goods for you at a highly competitive rate.

Don’t Hire a Ute its Cheaper and Easier with Quick & Easy

Most Ute hire businesses require that you hire the Ute for a minimum of two or more hours.  That means that if you are moving an item only a few kilometres from you home you are going to have to pay for an hour or more than what you actually need the Ute for.

Not only can hiring a Ute more expensive but there is no-one to help you with the lifting and moving of furniture or other large items.

Also the logistics involved in hiring a Ute make it really just too hard.  You have the hassle of picking up and retuning the Ute.  This means a family member or friend would have to drive to the Ute depot (usually not located nearby), drop you off and then drive to the Ute depot again later in the day so as to bring you home once you have returned the Ute.  This is an awful lot of bother and time. With Quick and Easy it is just one phone call and the goods will delivered to you.  You won?t need to pick-up and carry the item all by yourself as you will have a professional mover to help you.

On top of this there is also the large deposit that you will need to pay when hiring a Ute…

Quick & Easy Removalists Sydney

We have an entire fleet of smaller vehicles with one removalist to assist you move your single piece of furniture or small collection across town with expert, professional handling, timing and service. Take advantage of eBay and Gumtree bargains and use QMoving a Few Itemsuick & Easy Removalists Sydney to transport your great buy.

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Please give us a call on 1300 883 117 and we can schedule a van and one or more removalists to help you with you bulky item(s) relocation.

How to Move House Stress Free

Moving house should be an exciting and fun event.  However that is not usually the case.  Most people find moving house very stressful.  However there are ways that the stress caused by moving can be diminished.  In this article we provide the 5 most important ways that you can make your house move as stress free as possible.

Plan Ahead, Be Organised

If you plan ahead for your move you can significantly reduce the anxiety that a home move can create.  A smooth and easy move is always much, much less stressful than a prolonged and difficult move.

We suggest you write a list of all tasks that have to be undertaken and put a date aside each task.  To help you get started you might want to look at our Moving Checklist.

Hire a Reliable and Trustworthy Furniture Removal Business

We recommend that you obtain a quote from several removal businesses – but also thoroughly research the removal businesses that you think would be best.

You should examine their website to read reviews that past customers have written.  You should too examine the services that they provide such as cleaning and packing.

Importantly you need to check if they are a reputable business or do they sub-contract out moving jobs to other individuals?

Imagine ‘What If’ Scenarios

In planning for your move it’s important that you think through different ‘what if’ scenarios so that you are prepared for any difficulties that may occur during your move.  For example have you chosen a furniture removal business that you are confident will arrive on moving day.  If you are not, what plans can you put in place should this occur …

Another scenario you should consider is what happens if it rains?  Will your removalists be prepared for this bringing with them sheets of plastic within which to wrap your furniture and household items?

You should also take into account a scenario such as what if the person who is going to be looking after your children on moving day becomes sick?  Can you organise someone else at the last minute, or put someone else on standby should this occur…

De-Clutter your Home

It does not make logical sense for people to pack, move and unpack goods that they then throw out once you have moved.

We recommend that you hire a skip and as you pack throw away those items that you no longer need or have no sentimental attachment.  All too often we move customers from A to B and then from B to C a few years later – and they have numerous boxes in their garage from the last move that they have never been unpacked!

It will save you time and money if you de-clutter your home – it will also give you the feeling of being in control which is often not felt during a move as so many external factors can impact upon your planned relocation.

Ask for Help

If for whatever reason you are on a really tight timetable for your move, then ask for help.  Feeling rushed and pressurised during a move can really increase your levels of stress.

You can ask neighbours, family or friends to help you.  They can help you pack, unpack or look after your children on moving day.

You might also want to consider hiring a furniture removal service that provides a pre-packing and unpacking service.  This service really reduces a very large proportion of both stress and time when moving home.

You may also want to consider hiring a furniture removal business that provides a cleaning service too.  Some removalists do offer this service (we do) and your old home plus your new home can be made spick and span for you.  This too will significantly reduce the stress and anxiety that goes with a home move.

How to Move House Stress Free with Quick & Easy Removalists Sydney

We can help reduce the stress of your house move.  Firstly we are reliable and professional and never let our customers down.  Secondly you can be assured with us that your possessions will be moved on schedule and intact.  Thirdly we have the resources in terms of skilled packers and efficient cleaners that can help you with your home move.

Not only can we do all of the above to help make your move as stress free as possible – but we also provide this five star service at a very competitive rate. See our online calculator for more info.

Moving with Children

Moving with ChildrenAustralian’s are Highly Mobile

Research has shown that the Australian population is amongst the most mobile in the world, with particularly high rates of moving for children aged between 1 to 4 years (Jelleyman and Spencer in 2008).

This was backed up by a study done by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2011.  This study found that almost 50% of young Australians (aged up to 5 years) within the study sample had moved house at least once.  By the time that children are 8 or 9 years old 75% of then had moved at least once.

Thus it appears that moving with children is very common in Australia.

Moving can be Traumatic for Children

Research too has shown that for a child a move can be a very traumatic event.  Research conducted in America found that even for a move within the same local area for children this can involve sadness, emotional upheaval and apprehension.  Some child psychologists have equated the upheaval level that children experienced by moving to that of dealing with divorce or death.

A study conducted in 2010 by the University of Virginia found:”…children who move frequently are more likely to perform poorly in school and have more behaviour problems.”

How you can Help your Child when Moving Home

Thus moving home with your children needs to be handled with care and compassion.  If handled properly you can significantly reduce the amount of stress and anxiety that you child would experience from a household move.

It is important that you are aware of the concerns that your child or children has regarding your planned move.  You need to be supportive and understanding of their fears and feelings.  You can take simple preventative measures during and after a relocation which will greatly assist your child.

Amongst many articles written about this subject there appear to be four main things that you can do to assist your child in reducing their stress regarding moving.

The first is to talk to your child about the move, the second is to familiarise them with the new house and locality before the move, the third is to include them in the move and the fourth is to pack them up a special box to take with them.

Honest Open Discussion with your Child

In general, children like routine and do not like unexpected changes.  Thus early on before the move you should talk to your child or children regarding the planned move, so they can adapt better.

You need to make sure that you provide them with honest answers and as much information about the move as you can.  You need to listen to their concerns and do your best to alleviate them.  Some of the concerns that they may have include saying goodbye to favourite play areas, friends and neighbours.  If they are moving schools this will be a big concern for them.  They will also be worried about finding new friends.

Familiarise them early on with their new Home and Locality

If possible you should show your children their new home prior to moving day.  By knowing where they will be living their anxiety will be much reduced.  It would be wonderful if they could see their new bedroom before the move so that they can plan (with you) how they will locate their furniture and possessions and decorate the room.

Try to excite your child(ren) regarding the move rather than worry about it.

It is also a good idea to take them around the new neighbourhood that they will be living in.  Show them and let them explore the local parks, shops, sporting facilities and other attractions.

Walk around the block where you will be living so that the children become familiar with the area and the street within which they will be moving to.

If it is not possibly to physically visit the new destination, then if you can show them on the internet the house, floor plan and locality.  You can even use Google Maps to ‘walk down the street’ etc.

Include your Children in the Move

We recommend that the children be assigned tasks relating to the move such as helping with packing of non-breakable items.  By including them they will feel part of the move and find the whole idea less stressful.

Giving them tasks to do will also make them feel important, further reducing the anxiety and worry that moving for children involves.

Depending on the age of your child he/she could be responsible for labelling the boxes – under your supervision.  You could also sit down with your children and get them to help you with the planning for the move, what needs to be done and when etc.

Pack a Special Moving Day Box with your Children

Just before you move ask each child to pack their own special box that induces their most treasures possessions.  This box too should include the things that they will need as soon as they arrive at their new home.

For younger children this may include their doona or ‘blankie’, their pillow, toys and teddy bears.  For older children it may be their iPad or laptop.

Other items may be the essentials such as their water bottle, toothbrush and paste, hairbrush and a snack.  This box is not only practical but will also help the children feel at home more quickly.

Moving with Children – How we can Help – Quick and Easy Removals Sydney

Many parents moving with children do not realize the amount of angst this causes their kids.

The first way that we help parents moving with children to advise them before hand about the issue and let them know how they can help their children to reduce the anxiety that children feel about moving house.

On a practical level we will suggest that the child’s (or children’s’) furniture and possessions are loaded last onto the removal van.  This means that the items belonging to the children will be the first goods unloaded.

If we are unpacking for you then we will ensure that the children’s furniture (beds, desks etc) are assembled first and their possessions unpacked as soon as possible.

The idea is that when the children arrive at their new home, their room and belongings are ready for them, effectively allowing them to settle in much easier and reducing the amount of stress that they experience.

Contact Us

There are a couple of different ways that you can contact us.  Our phone number is 1300 883 117 and your call will be answered by one of our friendly and well-informed staff.  You can also use our Contact Us Form on our website and you can expect a very promptly reply.

Quick and Easy Removals Sydney – We know how moving with children can be stressful for the whole family and will do everything that we can to reduce this stress.

How Stressful Is Moving House?

How Stressful Is Moving House?Research has revealed that moving house which includes either buying or selling your home is an extremely stressful life event.  Some psychologists have even gone on to say that it is almost as stressful as divorce.  There is also believed to be a link between the stress of house moving and illness.

How Frequently do Australians Move?

We Australians must be pretty stressed!  We are amongst the top countries for having the highest levels of mobility ie. moving house.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) almost 42% of people aged 5 years and over moved home during the five years from 2006 and 2011.

Of those people that moved the majority (61%) moved locally and the balanced moved from a different area within Australia or moved to Australia from overseas.

The ABS also determined that there were a variety of reasons that people moved home, there was also a link between the stages of a person’s lifecycle with the reason for their move.  For example older people tended to be moving from urban areas and younger individuals tended to be moving into urban areas looking for work.

How Stressful is Moving Home?

A survey undertaken by PCP Market Research on behalf of In-Deed found that the stress caused by buying or selling a home ages people by two years!

The survey was conducted in Britain with a sample size of 200 persons.  According to the survey results almost 70% of respondents felt that the stress caused by selling or buying their home accelerated their aging.

Other side effects included a lower sex drive (19%), short-term memory loss (14%), and also hair loss (10%).

Another study also found that moving home is very stressful.  The study conducted by the University of Virginia in 2010 revealed that children who move home frequently often have poorer well-being in adulthood.

Stress can lead to Illness

Stress can also make you sick.  It has been discovered that if you experience chronic stress for a long period of time you will become ‘hyper vigilant’.  This means that your body is continually flooded with stress hormones all the time.  This causes people to have trouble sleeping and unwinding.  This then creates more stress and more stress hormones in your body.  Eventually this can cause individuals to become pessimistic, oversensitive, anxious and can even result in panic attacks.

Furthermore the increase in stress hormones in your body means that your body’s healing, reproductive, detoxification and digestion will be sluggish and underperforming.  This means that in the long term you are at a significantly higher level of risk for many health problems including thyroid imbalances, premature ageing, depressions, diabetes, memory impairment etc.

It is noted that moving home itself should not cause chronic stress for a long period of time, it may however be the case for some people who had difficulties buying, selling their home, obtaining a loan or moving overseas etc.

How to Make sure that Moving Home does not cause Prolonged Stress

Moving home causes stress in many different ways.  One reason for experiencing stress due to moving home is that it is a disruption of routine.  Any disruptions to routine always cause stress to both you and your family.  It is important therefore to keep the disruption to your routine to a minimum.  This means that a quick and smooth relocation will be so much better for not only your stress levels but also for your children.

The good news is that whilst moving does cause stress it is really only long term stress that is really serious.  For most of us moving home is a stressful event for a relatively short period of time.  This means that while it is a stressful life event it should not lead to significant damage to your health.

One way you can reduce the stress of moving home is to hire a reputable furniture removalist that you can trust.  Whilst this will not help with the stress that you experience in buying or selling your home, it can least significantly reduce one stressful part of moving.

To really help reduce your moving stress we also suggest that you engage our expert and efficient packing teams to both pack and unpack your belongings for you.

In conclusion, moving home does cause stress, however you can reduce the level of stress by engaging Quick and Easy Removals Sydney to ensure that your goods are moved from A to B safely and on schedule.

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